Strange Lovers Pt 3

My plan was to take money from her on my return home, since I didn’t have enough money on me. Due to the negative answer she gave me, I didn’t even bother to ask her for money. I was so furious, so disappointed and so ashamed. How could she tell me that she won’t marry me? Why would she even let me waste my time, money, attention and everything on her, if she had planned not to marry me? Since I didn’t have money on me, I decided to walk to my house. It was a 1 hour 30mins walk to my house. It was a tedious work walking such a distance to my house, but I didn’t give a hoot.I felt nothing more painful and shameful as being rejected by the one you love. On my way home, she started calling me on my phone. I didn’t pick the call. I switched off my phone.‪

I got home very tired. It was almost 10pm. I switched on my phone. Shockingly, I received avalanche of messages from her. About 50 text messages or so. I refused to read even one of them. I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Once she had decided not to marry me, then that was  it.‪
Early next morning while I was preparing for work, I heard someone knocking at the door. I walked to the door. I opened my door gently. Guess who was there? Yeah, you guessed right. It was her. She looked pale. She looked disturbed. She looked worried. Her face looked like she’d not slept for days. She wanted to tell me something. At least I should give her just 5mins. I was also getting late. I can’t lose my lover and job. So I told her to meet me at a restaurant nearby, at exactly 5pm so that I can listen to her explanation.‪

I got to the restaurant before 5pm. I knew she would never  be there before me, and I didn’t want her to get there before me but this time, she proved me wrong. She was already seated calmly. I went to her, greeted her and sat down. “Do you care for anything?” she asked. “water will be okay for now” I replied. She seemed well composed, calm and collected. The waiter brought the water and took our order. I had lost my appetite, but I chose banku and okro stew. She also chose the same food. While we were waiting for the order, we started talking. I was tensed. She was relaxed. She asked me about the numerous text messages she sent me. She told me to give her my reply.‪

Text message?”, I asked her. She looked puzzled.”You mean you didn’t receive a single of the text messages I sent you?” She asked. I lied to her that I never received any message. I was still angry, although I tried to cover my anger with a forced smile. I had planned to read the messages at the restaurant before she got there but my plan didn’t succeed. She asked me to give my phone to her, to really check if I didn’t receive the messages. I declined to give my phone to her. The food arrived, and we started eating. I  couldn’t eat much. The fear of what the text messages were containing even worsened the case. She also couldn’t eat much of her favorite dish. She told me if I didn’t get the text messages, then she’ll be in my house at 8:30pm, to tell me. She stood up, took her bag and went without even saying a good bye. The waiter brought the bill and I paid. I left the restaurant and went home to prepare for the second coming of my lady.‪

I took a taxi home. I opened my door and went inside. Took a shower. Came back to my room to finally read the messages. I looked into my pocket, but the phone wasn’t there. I searched my bag, I couldn’t find it. Ei, as3m nie? I combed through my room but couldn’t find the phone. I went outside to check. Nothing was there. At this time, I had come to the realization that my phone was really gone. I heard someone calling my name, “KD, KD” outside. That voice was familiar. I went outside to check, and it was her. I invited her in. She sat down. I gave her water to drink. I asked her about her mission.‪

She started by saying she was sorry for what happened yesterday. She didn’t mean to hurt me, and that I should have allowed her to finish her statement. “But you said No, so there wasn’t the need to wait for any lecture from you.” I retorted. She further explained that she was just kidding. She wanted to test me. Test me? Like seriously? If she would joke with everything, it shouldn’t be this. I accepted her apology, but ordered her to plant a kiss on my forehead before. She did that readily, and in addition, she gave me a deep kiss which lasted for God knows how long. After that I asked her again if she would marry me.‪

She stood there for some seconds, and asked me if I really meant what I was saying. I vehemently told her yes. She again asked me if I didn’t read even one of the numerous messages she sent me. Again, I told her I didn’t read. “If indeed you didn’t read the messages, then I will marry you”, she said. I didn’t really understand what she meant by that. What could be in this text message? Was it something serious? Was it so bad? Should I just tell her to hold on until I have found my phone, and read the messages? I became very confused. I asked her to tell me what she sent me.‪


Strange Lovers Pt 1

Can we still be friends?” That’s what she asked me the last time I saw her. I couldn’t give her a reply. How do I answer such a question? It will be like squeezing water from a dry stone. So I just looked at her.‪

I thought she was my missing rib. I thought she was my better half. I thought we were meant for each other. So I gave her my all. Time. Money. Credit. Love. I almost gave her my life. Thank goodness I didn’t do that.‪

I wanted to unleash on her all the twenty-something years of love bottled up inside me. I wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of loving. So when she finally gave a positive response to my request, after years of persistent pressure and wooing, I did not want to “play loose.”‪

I gave her everything she wanted. Even those things she didn’t ask, I gave her. I’m sure you are wondering if everything is okay up there. Yes. I’m very sound. It’s just that matters of the heart cannot be discussed with the mind. Why? Because they will look so stupid when they are discussed with the mind.‪

Wait till you get caught in the web of love. You may even do worst things than I did. I couldn’t do anything without seeing her. I lost my appetite. I lost my sense of humor. I lost my sense of judgment. Her love pinned me down, and enslaved me. It made my very existence on this earth very unpalatable.‪

My love for her could be compared to that of Romeo and Juliet. Well, so I thought. Her love blindfolded me. I didn’t have any idea as to the direction she was taking me. I followed her instructions. I obeyed her commands effortlessly. All because of love. I never thought she could leave me. I never thought I would be this lonely again.‪

Oh love! I thought it was something sweet. I thought it was something to be enjoyed. I never knew something so sweet can hurt so painfully. Enough of the lecture on love. Let me get back to the story and give you the details.‪

Let me begin by telling you how I met her. I met her at a party. The birthday party of my landlord. She was in the company of her friends. But she stood out. She was too conspicuous to be ignored. I approached her, but her attitude towards me wasn’t too good.‪

At first I wanted to ignore her. Oh yeah, I needed to save my face and protect my dignity. But there was this voice. A very thin voice. That kept telling me to press on. And so I did. I went to her again. This time, she was sitting alone, with a cup of chilled water in front of her. I sat on the chair directly facing her.‪

She gave me that “stop-bothering-me” look. I ignored it, and focused on my mission. I know when it comes to women accepting proposals from unknown men, this was to be expected. I looked straight into her eyes and gave her a warm smile. Most people tell me I have infectious smile so I wasn’t surprised when she also started smiling. At that point, I got to know that I was gradually winning the battle.‪

We had a very short conversation. A very brief one. Her friends were leaving, so she had to join them. I asked for her number. I was so eager to store her phone number on my phone, to make follow up. She declined to give me her number. But rather, she took mine. She promised to give me a call that very night, when she gets home. She gave me a warm goodbye and a forced smile. She left me, and joined her friends. Will she call me?‪

That night, I couldn’t sleep early. I was anxiously expecting a call from her. I couldn’t put the phone down. I remember very well, I took it to the bathroom even when I was going to take my evening shower. 9:30pm. She didn’t call. 10:30pm. She didn’t call. I was getting sick and tired of waitingfor her call. I began to doze off. At exactly 10:45pm, I saw a missed call on my phone. Oh finally! I tried calling her, but the response I got wasn’t pleasant-“sorry, you don’t have enough call credit.” What?! This can’t be happening to me at this time. I had to borrow credit. Yes. I did. I said a little prayer, and called the number.‪
The call went through, but no one picked up the call.I tried again and this time, some one picked it up. It was a she. But the voice sounded like an old woman. As soon as I said “hello”, she told me she was calling her daughter and she mistakenly dialled my  number. “I’m sorry” she added and hanged up. Wow! So I have borrowed call credit to call a wrong line? This is tragic. Avalanche of questions started moving to and fro my mind. Could this be the lady playing a prank on me? Why hasn’t she called? Are they still on their way home. Will she ever call me? I looked at my wall clock, and it was quarter to twelve. “Ay3 ka”. I had to sleep.‪
The first thing I did when I woke up the next day was to check my phone for any missed call. There was none, except that old woman’s missed call. I kept thinking about the lady. Although I was upset she didn’t call me, as she promised, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her thoughts consumed my mind. I prepared and leftfor church. In church, I couldn’t hear a word of what my garrulous preacher said. I was day dreaming about her. I had still not given up on her. I was anxiously waiting for her call, but it never came.‪#‎to_be_continued
Sunday too passed without her call. Monday came. I expected her call. She never called me. Tuesday came. I expected her call. She never never called me. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. Enough. I can’t wait for her call again, Isaid to myself. I need to move on.‪

It was Sunday evening. Dumsor was in my area. My phone battery had just one bar. I was sitting alone with my thoughts. I heard my phone ringing. It was from an unknown number. I picked up the call. Guess what? It was her. I nearly screamed when she introduced herself on the phone. But I controlled myself. I didn’t want her to think she was really needed in my life. I politely asked her why she couldn’t call me the other night as she promised. She said it was nothing. Like seriously? Does she have any idea the emotional and psychological pain she had put me through? I felt like “telling her mind” and cutting the call.‪

I tried to remain calm. Breathe innnnnnn, ooout. Breathe innnnnn, ooout. I regained my composure. The anger boiling up in me had vanished. I changed the topic to something personal and interesting. I saw that she enjoyed every topic I raised that night. We talked for about an hour. My phone started warning me. The battery was low. We had to end the call. Sadly, we ended it. Just when I was about to switch off my phone, I received a text message from her.

The text message read, “Thanks a lot for the interesting topics you raised. I never knew there were gentle, polite and yet funny guys still in this world. I can’t wait for another chat with you. Good night honey.” Wait a second. She just called me honey? Just forget about the “gentle”,”polite” and “funny.” I mostly hear that. But honey?Wow! Amazing. I couldn’t sleep that night. I wanted to reply her that very moment, but, my phone went off.‪


Spare some minutes of your time and give thanks to God for all the valuable and priceless gifts you have in your life; your life, the air you breathe, the love and care you receive, your friends and family, etc. Don’t forget to thank Him for even what you don’t have. You have no idea the number of people who wished they were like you. Be GRATEFUL to God.
-K. Dwomoh
Have a lovely blessed day 👍:)🙏