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Who Are You?

Welcome to the fake generation,

That teaches you to hate yourself.

That makes you fake love.

That makes you hate your color.

Don’t forget.

Don’t you dare forget.

This generation teaches you to

Hate your mother tongue.

Will you forget?

How this generation robs you of

All your pride? You are taught to

Hate your father.

This generation!

Oh this generation has whisked

You away from your family.

Now, you even

Hate your brother.

I may forget about this generation

But you must not forget to remember,

How you have been taught to

Hate your sister.


You hate your language.


You hate your food.


You hate your culture.


You hate your identity.

How long will you continue to sleep?

When will you wake up from your slumber?

What was given to you to eat,

That has robbed you of all the sense Odomankoma gave to you?

Stop mistreating yourself!

Stop disrespecting yourself!

Stop the inferiority complex!

Stop being a coward!

Stand up for what you believe in.

Stand,or you will fall for anything.


I say,

Stand,or you will fall for everything.

If no one is ready to say you are

Say, “I AM. “

Intricasies of love


I was never prepared for this.
This game that some folks call love.
I did not know that I could suddenly and unexpectedly be caught in the web of love.
I thought I was so strong, so bold and so courageous to be conquered by love.

But, look at me now.
I sing love, eat love, drink love and sleep love.
Love has become the language that I speak.
Love has taken over the better part of my body.
Love, and not blood, now runs through my veins.

I don’t get time to hate anymore.
I’m even shocked I was able to spell that word, because it is no more in my dictionary.

I didn’t know love could do me any harm, until it paralyzed me.
It pinned me down.
It restricted my movement, just to show me that it is now ruling my body.

I wish I could get a cure.
I wish there is, but I’m not sure.
Sometimes I scream in my dream, till I see streams of tears in my eyes.
Why is love so heavy a burden to carry?

Dream girl

Dream, dream, dream, is all I do.
I wish you were in my arms now.
I yearn for that gentle touch.
Your sweet lips which part with good tidings.
Your bright eyes that carry away all my fears.
I need you to hold me tight.
I yearn for your stupendous love.
I need your love.
I need to see your beauty.
I need you to need me too.
But, I can’t get any of these
Unless I scream until I dream my life away.
I don’t know why
I can’t get hold of you
I always mourn and cry
And you know it’s true.
Unless I dream.
I can’t see you.
Unless I dream.
I can’t feel you.
Unless I dream.
I can’t have you.
Unless I dream.
You are not mine.

K. Dwomoh




What will I gain if I fight you?
What will I gain if I insult you?
Nothing. Just nothing!
You are human just as I am.
You sin just as I do.
Although your wrongs are different from mine
That does not make you the only devil on earth!
The fact that I see your wrongs,
Does not make me a saint.
The Supreme Judge is up there.
He knows better than I do.
He alone can objectively pronounce judgement.
You cannot hide anything from Him.
He knows our actions and intentions.
I will not judge you, but He will.
My job is to help you become a better person.
If I cannot help you, why should I destroy you?