Strange Lovers Pt 6

Yes, it was her. Yes, I was happy to see her. But I wasn’t happy with the state she was in. She was heavily pregnant. Oh yeah, you read right. PREGNANT! I was shocked. Shock is even not the right word to describe exactly how I felt. I felt cheated. I felt disappointed. I felt disgusted. How on earth could she do such a thing to me? I thought she would be nobody’s darling but mine. I thought she agreed to marry me? So why? She asked me to let her in so that we could talk.

We went inside. She sat down. I was still standing. She started talking. My mouth was still widely opened. She explained to me that she was now happily married. She thought I wasn’t serious about the whole marriage thing. She thought I would just waste her time. So the day she came to sleep in my room, she had planned to tell me that she was no more interested in the marriage. She felt so bad, but there wasn’t anything she could do, that’s why she wanted to “compensate” me with sex. When I heard that, I became very furious, but I managed to remain calm. I allowed her to continue.‪
She even told me because I couldn’t “touch” her that day, she thought “myself was not there.”

Wasn’t she the same person that praised me that night, for being truthful? So she didn’t mean all that? I really wanted to punch her hard on the face, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to spend the night behind bars. So I controlled my anger. She asked me to forgive her, so that we could be friends again. I looked her in the face, but said nothing. Friends? With a lady I loved, but had been impregnated by another man? A lady I loved but ran away from me? A lady I loved but payed me back with hatred? A lady I was honest with, but was full of deception? I can’t be friends with her. I can’t revisit my past. I would let the bitter past pass, but look forward to a bright future. A future that is filled with love, honesty, trust and respect.

Finally, I found strength and told her NO. NO. NO. “You belong to my past now. I don’t deserve you. You are too good for me. I’ll find someone. Someone who will love me for who I am. Someone who will trust and love me. I’m sorry.” After my speech, she got up slowly, with tears flowing. She opened my door, and vanished into thin air.‪


Writer: Kwabena Dwomoh.


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