Strange Lovers Pt 5

I declined her offer. I explained to her that I was tired, because of what I had been through. Again, I explained to her that I respected her enough to start “eating” her food without the blessings of her family. She didn’t utter a word, after my explanation. She turned her back to the wall. I could see from her back that she was smiling. She had agreed to my explanation. I didn’t sleep on the bed with her. I slept on a mattress on the floor. I didn’t want to surmount to the pressure of temptation.‪

She was fast asleep. I was wide awake. I couldn’t sleep. I was still wondering if I had taken the right decision. Wouldn’t she think that “myself wasn’t there?” How on earth can a cat convince the mouse that it’s now a vegetarian? I had planned not to do it, but my body couldn’t agree. The urge to do it was greater than my earlier decision. While I was on the mattress still thinking about it, the lady woke up. She called me to join her on the bed, for she was feeling cold. I gave her my blanket to cover herself. She took it but some few minutes later asked me to join her on the bed. “What is it again, dear?” I asked her.”I’m having a hard time sleeping”, she retorted. I asked her to pray or read the Bible if she liked. Before I could finish, she had joined me on my mattress.‪

I was shocked to see her lying beside me on the mattress. Flesh to flesh, bone to bone. I could feel her soft skin. She asked me to “prove myself” to her. I turned myself and faced the wall. She held my arm and pulled me towards her. Was she not trying to rape me? At that point I was gradually losing control. She was rubbing her breast at my back, and my “thing” in between my legs was responding accordingly.‪

I heard a voice. A very thin voice. It ordered me to resist “the devil.” The devil I was dealing with was a bit stronger, powerful and too sweet to be ignored. She had taken off her clothes, but I still had my boxers on. She was giving me pressure. I was resisting with the last strength in me. How long could I hold on?

I told her that I wouldn’t do it. Oh yes. She got furious. She wore her clothes. The time was 1:15am. She told me if I wouldn’t do it, then there was no need staying with me for the night. She told me she was leaving. She was very furious. I told her I wouldn’t let her leave at that ungodly hour. She insisted she would go. She gave me two options : Do it, or Let me go. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want her to leave me too. I had a difficult choice to make.None of the options was too easy to make. Each of them had a concomitant effect. She was indeed a difficult lady, but I loved her too.‪

Finally, I made a choice. I wouldn’t do it. If she wanted to go, she should go. I told her. “Wow, you’re really the kind of man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was trying to test you to see if you can be truthful to your word. Thanks honey, I love you to the max,” she told me. I looked at her, with my mouth widely opened. Could everything be alright with this girl. I needed to rethink about this relationship and marriage thing. She just can’t be playing with my heart. I planned to have a serious talk with her early in the morning.‪

She went back to bed and slept. I slept on my mattress. She started snoring. It was so loud that I thought it could bring down the house. I couldn’tsleep. I stayed awake till it was 5:00am. I decided to go and take my shower. I didn’t waste much time there because I was so afraid she could wake up and join me in the shower. I returned to my room. She was still sleeping. I was very weak and feeling sleepy too. I lied on my mattress and within some minutes, I was gone.

She woke me up at 8:00 on the dot. She had prepared breakfast for me. I was very late for work, but she insisted I ate the breakfast before anything else. I didn’t want to start any argument. I sat down quietly and ate. While I was eating, she was also preparing to leave. She was also late for work, but she didn’t look a bit worried. She finished preparing and left before I did. She left without a good bye. She left without a word. I thought she would call me or send a text message, so I just looked on. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t hear from her the whole day. I also didn’t call or send her any message.‪

The following day I tried to call her, but her phone was off. I went to her house but I was told she was no more staying there. A week came. A month. A year. I didn’t hear from her. I knew she was gone for good. I planned to forget about her and look for another lady. This time, a good-natured lady. I didn’t want to find myself in that awkward relationship. I still loved her though. She had stolen my heart. She had captured my mind. She had imprisoned my thoughts. Although I hadn’t seen her in a year, I still had that feeling that someday, somehow we would meet again.‪
I received a call one day from an unknown number. Guess who? My long lost love. I can’t describe the joy that ran through my entire body.She told me she was coming over, so I should prepare to meet her. I asked her to come right away for I was ever ready to receive her. That time, I had planned not to spare her. Even if she told me not to, I would do it. 5mins later, I heard someone knocking at my door. I walked to the door quickly and opened it. I experienced the shock of my life. In fact, a gargantuan shock.‪



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