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Strange Lovers Pt 2

The next day, I was waiting for ECG to bring back my light, but it never came. I got so frustrated. So annoyed. So disappointed. I didn’t want to give a breathing space to my new found love. I wanted to build upon what I achieved last night. But “dumsor” spoiled my plans. I had to find a place to charge my phone. I went to a friend’s house in the same neighborhood. Luckily for me, they had light. I quickly put my phone on charge, and sat down to chat with my friend. I didn’t want to tell him about my new found love. I didn’t trust him anymore. I didn’t want him to snatch this lady too away, like he did to me the other time. About an hour later, ECG took their light also. But that time, my phone’s battery had had enough bars. I quickly unplugged my phone, bid him good bye and left for my house. I replied her message.‪

I tried to make the message short and yet somewhat romantic. The message read, “Hi sweet honey, I’m sure you are dying to hear from me. Blame the delay on ECG. I hope to hear from you, right after work. Take care, my one and only.” I sat down quietly hoping and praying to get a call from her, or at least a message. My worst fear came to pass. She neither called nor sent me a message. I became depressed, stressed and disappointed.‪

At exactly 6:45pm, she called me. I was furious and yet happy to get her call. I didn’t know how I was able to experience these two opposing emotions simultaneously.But her voice. Oh that sweet voice. That soothing voice. It calmed me down. It opened a new chapter in my not-so-experienced romantic life. She was my first. I was her first too. Ermmmmmmm that’s what she made me understood. I loved her so much so that even when she was hurting me, I couldn’t see. That evening too we enjoyed our conversation. Our love was gradually growing.‪

The usual romantic chat and text messages went on for minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and a year. By that time, we had learned so much about ourselves. We knew practically everything about ourselves. But all these while I had not proposed marriages to her officially. I wanted to make it a historic one. I wanted to make it memorable. I wanted to make it special. I needed to plan.‪

Should we go on a weekend vacation to Dubai or maybe Bodwesango? Which one would be more romantic? I really had to make this work, no matter the cost. Hmmm… Why don’t I seek a professional advice from my Casanova friend? Yh, I’ll go to him for help.‪

I took my pen and paper and went straight to my friend’s house. I didn’t meet anyone there. Oops! Just when I was returning, my phone rung. Guess who? It was her. The one and only. My sweet honey.She wanted me to leave whatever I was doing and come straight to her house. I asked her why, but she refused to tell me anything. The voice tone couldn’t give me any clue. It was neither serious nor playful. I was left with a load of unanswered questions on my head. I didn’t wait for even a minute, but boarded a taxi to her house. I didn’t have enough money in my pocket though, but I managed to play smart with the taxi driver, by telling him I had lost my money. He let me go, but not until he had rained on me unprintable insults.‪

I got to her house at exactly 7:15pm. I knocked at her door, and she answered it almost immediately. She gave me a hug. She gave me a kiss. She also gave me ermmmmmmm, I can’t even spell that word. After that, we sat on a chair. I looked straight into her eyes. Those eyes never lied to me. The eyes spoke more than her lips did. I saw from her eyes that she wanted me. Just me. I also wanted her. I wanted her to be nobody’s darling but mine. I saw that very moment as a glorious opportunity to propose to her. So just as they do in those romantic movies, I got down on one knee and I asked her gently, “will you marry me?”‪

Her ceiling fan reduced it’s speed. ECG, has taken the light again. I was still on my knees waiting for her response. I was hoping for a positive answer. There was this loud silence that visited us in the room. It felt like the whole world had come to a standstill. Every activity in the area came to a halt, waiting anxiously to hear “Yes” or “No.” Was it even the right time to have done that? I knew she loved me, but would she agree to marry me and stay with me forever and ever? It would be a tough decision for her, I thought.‪

While I was still on my knees waiting for a positive response, I heard her crying? “Why are you crying sweetie?” I asked. But, she couldn’t talk. Her cry, became louder. It made me more confused and worried. Did I say something wrong? No. My words were harmless. So why is she crying and mourning?This was not what I had anticipated. I thought she would just say “Yes, yes, yes, I do” amidst smiles and laughter. But I’m seeing a direct opposite of what I had envisaged. She needs to tell me the answer no matter what. I can’t wait any longer. I asked her again, “honey, will you marry me?” This time, she stopped crying. The light came back. The ceiling fan started working. She looked straight into my eyes gave me that “what-the-hell-are-you-talking-about” look.‪

She made me more confused. She looked me straight in the eyes and told me “No, but…” I got up immediately, raised up my hand to indicate to her that I’m not interested in her explanation. I opened the door and went out. She called me. She screamed my name. She even tried to pull me by holding my shirt. None of these could stop me. I decided to walk out of her life. She stopped calling me and went back to her room crying.‪


Strange Lovers Pt 6

Yes, it was her. Yes, I was happy to see her. But I wasn’t happy with the state she was in. She was heavily pregnant. Oh yeah, you read right. PREGNANT! I was shocked. Shock is even not the right word to describe exactly how I felt. I felt cheated. I felt disappointed. I felt disgusted. How on earth could she do such a thing to me? I thought she would be nobody’s darling but mine. I thought she agreed to marry me? So why? She asked me to let her in so that we could talk.

We went inside. She sat down. I was still standing. She started talking. My mouth was still widely opened. She explained to me that she was now happily married. She thought I wasn’t serious about the whole marriage thing. She thought I would just waste her time. So the day she came to sleep in my room, she had planned to tell me that she was no more interested in the marriage. She felt so bad, but there wasn’t anything she could do, that’s why she wanted to “compensate” me with sex. When I heard that, I became very furious, but I managed to remain calm. I allowed her to continue.‪
She even told me because I couldn’t “touch” her that day, she thought “myself was not there.”

Wasn’t she the same person that praised me that night, for being truthful? So she didn’t mean all that? I really wanted to punch her hard on the face, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to spend the night behind bars. So I controlled my anger. She asked me to forgive her, so that we could be friends again. I looked her in the face, but said nothing. Friends? With a lady I loved, but had been impregnated by another man? A lady I loved but ran away from me? A lady I loved but payed me back with hatred? A lady I was honest with, but was full of deception? I can’t be friends with her. I can’t revisit my past. I would let the bitter past pass, but look forward to a bright future. A future that is filled with love, honesty, trust and respect.

Finally, I found strength and told her NO. NO. NO. “You belong to my past now. I don’t deserve you. You are too good for me. I’ll find someone. Someone who will love me for who I am. Someone who will trust and love me. I’m sorry.” After my speech, she got up slowly, with tears flowing. She opened my door, and vanished into thin air.‪


Writer: Kwabena Dwomoh.

Strange Lovers Pt 5

I declined her offer. I explained to her that I was tired, because of what I had been through. Again, I explained to her that I respected her enough to start “eating” her food without the blessings of her family. She didn’t utter a word, after my explanation. She turned her back to the wall. I could see from her back that she was smiling. She had agreed to my explanation. I didn’t sleep on the bed with her. I slept on a mattress on the floor. I didn’t want to surmount to the pressure of temptation.‪

She was fast asleep. I was wide awake. I couldn’t sleep. I was still wondering if I had taken the right decision. Wouldn’t she think that “myself wasn’t there?” How on earth can a cat convince the mouse that it’s now a vegetarian? I had planned not to do it, but my body couldn’t agree. The urge to do it was greater than my earlier decision. While I was on the mattress still thinking about it, the lady woke up. She called me to join her on the bed, for she was feeling cold. I gave her my blanket to cover herself. She took it but some few minutes later asked me to join her on the bed. “What is it again, dear?” I asked her.”I’m having a hard time sleeping”, she retorted. I asked her to pray or read the Bible if she liked. Before I could finish, she had joined me on my mattress.‪

I was shocked to see her lying beside me on the mattress. Flesh to flesh, bone to bone. I could feel her soft skin. She asked me to “prove myself” to her. I turned myself and faced the wall. She held my arm and pulled me towards her. Was she not trying to rape me? At that point I was gradually losing control. She was rubbing her breast at my back, and my “thing” in between my legs was responding accordingly.‪

I heard a voice. A very thin voice. It ordered me to resist “the devil.” The devil I was dealing with was a bit stronger, powerful and too sweet to be ignored. She had taken off her clothes, but I still had my boxers on. She was giving me pressure. I was resisting with the last strength in me. How long could I hold on?

I told her that I wouldn’t do it. Oh yes. She got furious. She wore her clothes. The time was 1:15am. She told me if I wouldn’t do it, then there was no need staying with me for the night. She told me she was leaving. She was very furious. I told her I wouldn’t let her leave at that ungodly hour. She insisted she would go. She gave me two options : Do it, or Let me go. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want her to leave me too. I had a difficult choice to make.None of the options was too easy to make. Each of them had a concomitant effect. She was indeed a difficult lady, but I loved her too.‪

Finally, I made a choice. I wouldn’t do it. If she wanted to go, she should go. I told her. “Wow, you’re really the kind of man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I was trying to test you to see if you can be truthful to your word. Thanks honey, I love you to the max,” she told me. I looked at her, with my mouth widely opened. Could everything be alright with this girl. I needed to rethink about this relationship and marriage thing. She just can’t be playing with my heart. I planned to have a serious talk with her early in the morning.‪

She went back to bed and slept. I slept on my mattress. She started snoring. It was so loud that I thought it could bring down the house. I couldn’tsleep. I stayed awake till it was 5:00am. I decided to go and take my shower. I didn’t waste much time there because I was so afraid she could wake up and join me in the shower. I returned to my room. She was still sleeping. I was very weak and feeling sleepy too. I lied on my mattress and within some minutes, I was gone.

She woke me up at 8:00 on the dot. She had prepared breakfast for me. I was very late for work, but she insisted I ate the breakfast before anything else. I didn’t want to start any argument. I sat down quietly and ate. While I was eating, she was also preparing to leave. She was also late for work, but she didn’t look a bit worried. She finished preparing and left before I did. She left without a good bye. She left without a word. I thought she would call me or send a text message, so I just looked on. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t hear from her the whole day. I also didn’t call or send her any message.‪

The following day I tried to call her, but her phone was off. I went to her house but I was told she was no more staying there. A week came. A month. A year. I didn’t hear from her. I knew she was gone for good. I planned to forget about her and look for another lady. This time, a good-natured lady. I didn’t want to find myself in that awkward relationship. I still loved her though. She had stolen my heart. She had captured my mind. She had imprisoned my thoughts. Although I hadn’t seen her in a year, I still had that feeling that someday, somehow we would meet again.‪
I received a call one day from an unknown number. Guess who? My long lost love. I can’t describe the joy that ran through my entire body.She told me she was coming over, so I should prepare to meet her. I asked her to come right away for I was ever ready to receive her. That time, I had planned not to spare her. Even if she told me not to, I would do it. 5mins later, I heard someone knocking at my door. I walked to the door quickly and opened it. I experienced the shock of my life. In fact, a gargantuan shock.‪


Strange Lovers Pt 4

She told me to forget about the text messages. “I have agreed to your proposal, so what else do you want?” she asked. I told her not to worry about that, and that I only wanted to satisfy my curiosity. Although I had planned to never ask her about the text messages again, I really wanted to know what she wrote. But my phone. I still couldn’t find it. I asked her to call my number to see if someone would answer it. She did call, but sadly, the phone was switched off. I knew definitely that my phone was gone for good. Someone had stolen it. What I couldn’t understand was when exactly my phone was stolen. I became very sad. She consoled me. She gave me a hug. She kissed me. She even made me sit on her laps for some time.
She pampered me that evening. She treated me like her own child. She made me forget about my missing phone. She made me forget about the messages. She made me forget about everything. My attention was now on her. Her thoughts now consumed my mind. I couldn’t think about anything else. I thought she would stay for the night. I thought she would lie down beside me throughout the night. I needed her more than any other person. But she told me she was leaving. She had to leave because she doesn’t want us to “cross the line.” I didn’t want to cross the imaginary line, but at the same time, I wanted to. I tried to convince her to stay for the night.‪

But she didn’t stay. I practically begged her, but she refused to stay. Well, I didn’t have any choice than to let her go. She left me. Alone in the room. But come to think of it, she didn’t say much about my missing phone. Did she know anything about it? Was I being too judgmental? Well, I didn’t want to spoil my happy mood. She had finally accepted to marry. What was now left is the preparation. I need to go and see my family first thing in the morning. I would tell my boss later when I return. I knew he would be very pissed, but hey, I have a thick skin.‪

Now I didn’t have a phone. I needed to buy a new one. Money wasn’t much of a problem. I had saved enough money to even buy 50 phones at a spot. Oh yes. I’m not exaggerating. That’s the gospel truth. I went to a shop nearby and got myself one of the latest smartphones. I didn’t want to be seen with any ‘yam’ phone, especially when I’m about to marry. I had planned to visit my parents that morning, but I changed my mind. I wanted to know more about my lady first,before I break the news to them.‪#‎to_be_continued
I also went to replace my lost chip. Now, I was free to call her. I dialled her number, but it was switched off. I tried again. Same results. I tried an hour later. Same results. Wow, what could be the problem? I knew she had a power bank. In fact, she had three so her phone never went off. So many thoughts came to mind. Positive and negative. All these thoughts were in connection with where my lady was. Where my baby dey?‪

After work, I decided to go to her house and check up on her. I got there, but her door was locked. I knocked and knocked and knocked. No reply came. I tried calling her line, but I couldn’t reach her. I became worried. I started getting some fearful thoughts in my head, but I quickly discarded them. There wasn’t even a lizard in the house to ask about the whereabouts of my lady. Usually by that time, you would find people in the house, but at that particular time and day, there wasn’t any one. I decided to go back home, and come and check later. On my way home, I heard on the radio that someone had been killed the night before.‪

The taxi driver had just tuned to that station, and all I could hear the presenter say was that a lady had been killed and dumped into a river. The river was a bit closer to my area. I didn’t want to believe it was my lady. The more I tried not to think about the news, the harder it screamed in my head. I decided to go to the river to verify.‪

I asked the taxi driver to take me to the river side. He drove me there quickly. We got there a bit too late, because the police had come for the body. I was lucky to find one man who knew where exactly the were taking the dead body to. Since the taxi driver was still with me, I asked him to take me to the mortuary. I didn’t like the idea of going to the mortuary, but I had no choice. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t my lady.‪

It took us close to 45mins to get to the mortuary. I told the driver to wait for me. I wasn’t really feeling good about that, but I had to go. I just couldn’t stand the thought of going inside there to see dead bodies. I was very disturbed. I was so afraid. I was so shaken. Just when I was about to open the gate to enter the mortuary, the taxi driver called me.‪

The taxi driver told me someone was calling me on my phone. I didn’t even realize I had left my phone in the taxi. He gave me my phone, and guess who it was? Her. My lady. My better half to be. I was shocked. She called me honey, but I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or it was a reality. So I had been chasing a wrong corpse? Hmmm. She told me she was at my house waiting for me, so I should come home.‪

I asked the taxi driver to take me home. At that point, I didn’t know who to blame. Who else could I blame but myself. I was just impatient. I could have waited for a while, but I didn’t. I assumed something bad had happened to her. I concluded she had been killed and dumped into a river. I assumed I had lost her forever. I became angry at myself. Why did I entertain all these bad thoughts? But come to think of it, I didn’t ask her where she had been and what happened to her phone. I planned to do that immediately I got home. The driver drove me home safely. I paid him Gh150 and he left. Surprisingly, I met my lady at the gate of my house. She was very furious. She thought I had gone to see someone (a lady, I guess).‪

I was furious. She was very furious. We couldn’t make any good communication with anger. There had to be a compromise. I needed to know where she had been. I needed to tell her what I had been through because of her. She also wanted to know where I had been. Why I had left her to wait for me in my house. I just didn’t know how to start to explain things. I had to concede. I had to apologize. After all, they say you can never win an argument with a lady.‪

Now, I had to cool her temper. Now, I had to apologize. Now, I had to put whatever I had been through behind me. It was a tough decision to make, but I had no other choice, unless maybe I wanted her to leave me for good. I had come so far to let that small issue break our relationship. I managed to cool her. She accepted my apology. She gave me a smile, a kiss and ermmmmmmm the other one. I forgot about all I had been through that day. Surprisingly, she asked me where I had been. I thought she told me to spare her my explanation, so what did she want to know now?‪

I found that as an opportunity to win her sympathy, so I told her everything that I had been through that day because of her. I spiced my story a little. She broke down into tears. She was shocked I had been through all that because of her. She was too pleased. She gave me a hug. A long and tight one. She was still weeping uncontrollably.I had to console her.She told me because of what I had been through, she wouldn’t go back that night. She would pass the night there. She even told me if I wanted to “cross the line”, she was ever ready to do that.
Like seriously? She had given me free scholarship? Wow! How I had waited for that opportunity. Here it was now. Should I do it or not? Could it be that she was trying to test me? Could she be telling me the truth? Could I even do it? Looking at what I had been through that day?‪

I told her I was going to take a shower. I went to the bathroom still contemplating on the offer. Should I do it, or stop. What if I didn’t perform well? I finally took a decision. My decision was that I wouldn’t do it. After my shower she also went to take hers. She came back. I went out. She changed. She went to lie on my bed. I came in, and she invited me to join her on the bed.‪

Strange Lovers Pt 3

My plan was to take money from her on my return home, since I didn’t have enough money on me. Due to the negative answer she gave me, I didn’t even bother to ask her for money. I was so furious, so disappointed and so ashamed. How could she tell me that she won’t marry me? Why would she even let me waste my time, money, attention and everything on her, if she had planned not to marry me? Since I didn’t have money on me, I decided to walk to my house. It was a 1 hour 30mins walk to my house. It was a tedious work walking such a distance to my house, but I didn’t give a hoot.I felt nothing more painful and shameful as being rejected by the one you love. On my way home, she started calling me on my phone. I didn’t pick the call. I switched off my phone.‪

I got home very tired. It was almost 10pm. I switched on my phone. Shockingly, I received avalanche of messages from her. About 50 text messages or so. I refused to read even one of them. I didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Once she had decided not to marry me, then that was  it.‪
Early next morning while I was preparing for work, I heard someone knocking at the door. I walked to the door. I opened my door gently. Guess who was there? Yeah, you guessed right. It was her. She looked pale. She looked disturbed. She looked worried. Her face looked like she’d not slept for days. She wanted to tell me something. At least I should give her just 5mins. I was also getting late. I can’t lose my lover and job. So I told her to meet me at a restaurant nearby, at exactly 5pm so that I can listen to her explanation.‪

I got to the restaurant before 5pm. I knew she would never  be there before me, and I didn’t want her to get there before me but this time, she proved me wrong. She was already seated calmly. I went to her, greeted her and sat down. “Do you care for anything?” she asked. “water will be okay for now” I replied. She seemed well composed, calm and collected. The waiter brought the water and took our order. I had lost my appetite, but I chose banku and okro stew. She also chose the same food. While we were waiting for the order, we started talking. I was tensed. She was relaxed. She asked me about the numerous text messages she sent me. She told me to give her my reply.‪

Text message?”, I asked her. She looked puzzled.”You mean you didn’t receive a single of the text messages I sent you?” She asked. I lied to her that I never received any message. I was still angry, although I tried to cover my anger with a forced smile. I had planned to read the messages at the restaurant before she got there but my plan didn’t succeed. She asked me to give my phone to her, to really check if I didn’t receive the messages. I declined to give my phone to her. The food arrived, and we started eating. I  couldn’t eat much. The fear of what the text messages were containing even worsened the case. She also couldn’t eat much of her favorite dish. She told me if I didn’t get the text messages, then she’ll be in my house at 8:30pm, to tell me. She stood up, took her bag and went without even saying a good bye. The waiter brought the bill and I paid. I left the restaurant and went home to prepare for the second coming of my lady.‪

I took a taxi home. I opened my door and went inside. Took a shower. Came back to my room to finally read the messages. I looked into my pocket, but the phone wasn’t there. I searched my bag, I couldn’t find it. Ei, as3m nie? I combed through my room but couldn’t find the phone. I went outside to check. Nothing was there. At this time, I had come to the realization that my phone was really gone. I heard someone calling my name, “KD, KD” outside. That voice was familiar. I went outside to check, and it was her. I invited her in. She sat down. I gave her water to drink. I asked her about her mission.‪

She started by saying she was sorry for what happened yesterday. She didn’t mean to hurt me, and that I should have allowed her to finish her statement. “But you said No, so there wasn’t the need to wait for any lecture from you.” I retorted. She further explained that she was just kidding. She wanted to test me. Test me? Like seriously? If she would joke with everything, it shouldn’t be this. I accepted her apology, but ordered her to plant a kiss on my forehead before. She did that readily, and in addition, she gave me a deep kiss which lasted for God knows how long. After that I asked her again if she would marry me.‪

She stood there for some seconds, and asked me if I really meant what I was saying. I vehemently told her yes. She again asked me if I didn’t read even one of the numerous messages she sent me. Again, I told her I didn’t read. “If indeed you didn’t read the messages, then I will marry you”, she said. I didn’t really understand what she meant by that. What could be in this text message? Was it something serious? Was it so bad? Should I just tell her to hold on until I have found my phone, and read the messages? I became very confused. I asked her to tell me what she sent me.‪