Intricasies of love


I was never prepared for this.
This game that some folks call love.
I did not know that I could suddenly and unexpectedly be caught in the web of love.
I thought I was so strong, so bold and so courageous to be conquered by love.

But, look at me now.
I sing love, eat love, drink love and sleep love.
Love has become the language that I speak.
Love has taken over the better part of my body.
Love, and not blood, now runs through my veins.

I don’t get time to hate anymore.
I’m even shocked I was able to spell that word, because it is no more in my dictionary.

I didn’t know love could do me any harm, until it paralyzed me.
It pinned me down.
It restricted my movement, just to show me that it is now ruling my body.

I wish I could get a cure.
I wish there is, but I’m not sure.
Sometimes I scream in my dream, till I see streams of tears in my eyes.
Why is love so heavy a burden to carry?


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