They can always say you won’t make it, but it is up to you to let their words be true. Always try to prove them wrong. You have the ability to change your circumstance. You have the power to change what you don’t want. It is within you. It is not in your friend, your parents or even your enemies.

You can become whoever you want to become. You don’t need anybody’s approval. Just believe in yourself that you can do it. This is where it all begins. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will believe in you.

I understand it is not easy to change from your present situation, but you must make that conscious effort to change. If you want to be cheerful and happy, act that way and you will soon find yourself becoming that way.

You may not always feel like changing your present situation, because you may feel satisfied with where you are now. But let me tell you this, the greatest enemy to excellency is contentment. If you are content with where you are, you will not be motivated to go higher.

You are not here on earth to please anyone. You are here on earth to make impact. You are here to influence the lives of others. Do not die, until you are known for something. You have life now, so live. You have the opportunity, so change it now. You have the energy now, to make that change. Don’t let go of this great opportunity.

There is nothing like waiting for ‘the right time.’ The time is now. Sit up, if you are sleeping. Stand up, if you are sitting. Walk, if you are standing. Run, if you are walking. Fly, if you are running.

Remember, you are younger today, than you will ever be; make good use of it for the sake of tomorrow!




2 thoughts on “CHANGE IT, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT

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