I woke up this morning expecting manna to fall from heaven. why wouldn’t I expect manna to fall? let me outline my reasons and I bet you’ll agree with me why I deserve manna;

  • I am a human being.
  • I deserve to eat
  • God created me
  • I am a Ghanaian
  • I love God
  • I have a sense of humour
  • I am smart
  • I am intelligent…. by my own standards

I told you I can convince you. What….you are not convinced? what more should I say? isn’t it what most people do? they sit down everyday like envelope without address, waiting for manna to fall. what do you expect me also to do? should I climb up there for it or join them in their pensive moods waiting patiently for manna to fall?

that is what they’ve been telling me everyday, “life is how you make it,”  “you’ll never get out of it alive so enjoy.” how on earth can I enjoy when I can’t even afford a penny?

i think i have to carry begging bowl in my hand and move from door to door and see if i can get some cedis; or better still, i can jump from one politician to the other and sing honorifics to them. i think i can get enough money to enjoy myself by doing this.

i don’t think a person of my calibre has to do this. NO! it does not befit me! i have to find a nice way of getting money without sweating. YES! I have to do that! Nothing can stop me! not even myself.

have you any idea about how i can get money without sweating?…………………………..oh please tell me! i know you know it so dont just sit down and watch me suffer!

i just heard from a grapevine that manna will not fall this year. I do not the truth of the matter… and i don’t want to know. all i want is quick money.


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