“commissioner”…”commissioner”…this word continues to ring in my ears….i can’t remember who mentioned it to me. Mmmmmmm….let me see….yes! it was my brother who did it! And what was it about? …….mmmm…okay let me tell my story and see if you can figure it out yourself.

It’s about this leader who wanted to reap where he has not sown. He forgot the simple principle that, “if you do not work, you do not eat”. He ruled over big states for only  four years after he has succeeded his elderly brother.

During his reign, he only took delight in pleasing his fanatics. He again, forgot this saying that, “if you try to please everyone, no one will like it.” He did all he could to please even his enemies but hey, that was just like squeezing water from a dry stone, I guess. He did all within his means to win their heart but it was to no avail. He only succeeded in cutting his own throat.

His fanatics deceived him into believing that everyone now likes him like never before.  What could he do in return for such a ‘kind gesture’?… wanna know?…..okay, let me tell you. He started cutting sod and commissioning projects that are even already in existence.

He started touring every nook and cranny of his state. Wherever he went, he either commissions a project or cuts sod for the commencement of a project. He was able to win some hearts by these deceptive acts. Why am i saying ‘deceptive act’? Haven’t i told you that his tour was named  DECEPTIVE TOUR by his close allies and advisors?

His primary aim was to let the people believe that, at least, he is performing some ‘action.’ Quite pathetic!

My brother told me a story that made me laugh my head off. he said one day, when he closed from work and he was on his way back home, he felt some kinda discomfort in his stomach so he decided to attend to nature’s call. Because he was a bit far from home, he decided to zoom into one of the public toilets in the area to free himself.

Whiles he was on it, he heard a sudden voice, commanding everyone to get out of the toilet because the leader(president) is coming to commission the forty-year-old public toilet. This is funny, isn’t it. This toilet had been built and commissioned by his predecessor a very very long time ago, and look at him now, trying to reap what he has not sown. Sophomoric act!

When everyone was out of the toilet, they respectfully invited the president to come and commission the toilet so that it can now be ‘officially usable.’ The humble president performed his duty conscientiously. The sycophants and hypocrites around him gave a tumultuous applause amidst honorifics and appellations.

Deception at the highest order!

I guess you now know the meaning of ‘commissioner’…..or at least, you can figure out the person I am talking about. Well, if you can’t tell, that would not be my problem because i only came to tell you a story about the PRESIDENT COMMISSIONER and not to explain to you, who he is.



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