7 Ways to Bust Blocks in Your Life and Get Un-Stuck

Earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, unfathomable loss of lives, radiation leaks that have already reached New York, 3 wars in the Middle East, under and un-employment, cost of living sky-rocketing, anger, fear and distrust at an all time high — do you think there are villains running rampant throughout our lives? You bet there are! So, what’s a well-meaning person, trying to keep his or her life together, to do? Bust some blocks!

First, What is a Block?

A block is any thought or emotion that is STUCK in your brain and that pops up sub-consciously to stop you in your tracks. Most often you are unaware of the block. It usually represents a disappointment, a broken heart experience, a loss, a failure — some experience that you decided to bury and perhaps deal with at a later date.

Blocks keep you from getting what you want out of life. Blocks keep you stuck in habits, patterns, routines and behaviors that are not working for you. These are the elusive things that you would like to change about yourself if you could just define it, find it, get your hands around it, understand it, express it. You can be blocked personally or blocked as an organization or a business.

Find Your Block

Here are some examples of blocks and their associated villains:

• THE SABOTEUR: You can’t seem to finish anything. You have a ton of wonderful ideas, but none of them completely come to fruition. I call it chain-doubting — whether it’s too expensive, too complicated, too time-consuming, or too whatever, you just can’t get it done.

• THE PIRATE/BANDIT: You always seem to be lacking the one thing you need to get what you want — whether it’s more information, more money, more luck, more help, more time — there’s always something missing. Everybody else has it, but not you.

• THE SORCERESS: You are always stuck waiting for something to happen before you take action. If __________ happens then I’ll do it. If I lose weight, then I’ll look for a job. If my prince comes then I’ll find love. If my break comes, then I’ll succeed.

• THE KILLER: You feel like no one believes in you. You live in the past, completely cut off from your future. You might say things like, “I’ve failed before, why should this be any different? Who do I think I am? Your self-confidence and joy for life are at an all time low.

• THE MUGGER: You feel like you’re an imposter — that you’re fooling people for a short time, but you will be caught. Someone will find you out and stop you. They will lower the boom or the ceiling on your life.

• THE MONSTER: You are absolutely sure that everyone else has the power. They make the decisions and pull the strings. You are just a pawn, a helpless and hopeless victim when it comes to bucking the system or even just breaking through.

• THE LOST LOVE: You’re afraid to go after your dream, leave your job, believe in yourself or go after what you really love. When it gets right down to it — you’re afraid to love.

7 Ways to Bust Those Blocks

1. FIND THEM. You can’t bust through the blocks unless you know what they are. When you feel stuck, ask yourself, “What do I think is blocking me?”

2. INDULGE IN SOME CHAIN-COMPLAINING. Once you have found your villain, try to identify who taught you to feel or act that way then, let yourself complain a bit. Feel it, write about it, shout it out and…

3. LET IT GO! When the tirade is done, let it go. Once you’ve identified the perpetrators of your block and your chain complainin’ is done, you can give it back to them, and move on to the final step which is one of empowerment. Write down the opposite of the doubting statements in your mind.

Make a new list or script:
I am talented enough… I can do this. I won’t fall into your belief system.

5. BREATHE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE BLOCK: The very act of breathing, getting rid of the old to make room for the new, is actually a metaphor for what you need to do to free yourself from any block. You need to breathe out the old, foul thinking, doubts and saboteurs that have your brain locked in blank mode, and breathe in new creative thoughts and inspirations. You want to breathe out the garbage and breathe in the muse.

6. MEDITATE YOUR WAY OUT OF BLOCKS: When we are blocked, we must take our intense concentration off of that which is blocking us and put it somewhere else. Sit on the floor or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for about 30 seconds. Ask yourself these questions — “What do I need to do to find and release this block? What is my body trying to tell me?” Then, listen for 20 minutes. Let the thoughts come and go through your brain. Do not act or react. When the 20 minutes is up, slowly open your eyes and you will most likely have the answers you seek, or you will be given the answers sometime within the day.

7. FIND YOUR VILLAINS. I’ve made it easy. Simply download your FREE copy of my latest Ebook, SECRETS OF LIFE’S SEVEN VILLAINS and register for the free VILLAIN-BUSTER teleconference at the link below.

Until we meet again, I’d love to leave you with a little secret — when you know who you are, what you want, what makes you happy and how to get your needs met, those old villains don’t stand a chance in your life. Here’s to your self-knowledge!

By Judith Parker Harris


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