Are you ready for your next 48 hours to be GREAT? Yes or YES? Great. Onward. Thousands of years ago, a GREAT piece of advice was shared. It’s crucial you ‘get’ this piece of advice if you wish to live YOUR BEST LIFE. Very crucial. Too many people around the globe are struggling today unnecessarily. Here’s one of the BIGGEST reasons why. Years ago, probably without their conscious knowing, GARBAGE was dumped into their mind. Garbage. Lack of confidence. Self sabotage. Weakness. Indecisiveness. Negative mental attitude. Negative self talk. And there’s more. Plenty. Most of us digested mentally thoughts and beliefs that later on in life now hold us back. “Mike, how do I get past the mental junk I ingested years ago?” Great question amigo. Let’s look back thousands of years for the advice we need. It was from the famous philosopher Socrates, here’s what he said. “An unexamined life isn’t worth living.” Read this again. “An unexamined life isn’t worth living.” Most people live on automatic. They say, “Oh, this is just the way I am.” No. No. No. They believe the garbage they bought into is THEM. It’s NOT. Society is great at teaching you how to live barely above broke and have a LOSER’S IMAGE. That’s not the real you. YOU must examine your recurring thoughts you have. YOU must examine the self image you bought into years ago. YOU must examine your beliefs about money. YOU must examine your relationships and people you spend time with. You MUST have the courage to look at yourself, the areas that aren’t so pretty, and make changes. You were born to be POWERFUL. Society will work to get you to conform. You were born to win. Society will lead you down the loser’s path. Examine your attitude. Examine your thoughts. Examine your beliefs. You have no idea how close you are to a MAJOR breakthrough. Don’t give up. You’re too important to somebody. Many people.


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