I entered the room and every eye was fixed on me. I  said to myself, “what kind of people are these?” that was just the beginning of the story. I did not know that the discussion was about me. They were discussing everything about me: the way I dress, the way I speak, the way I eat and most of all, the way I walk.

When I entered, everyone looked at me to confirm what they have discussed about me. I also looked straight in the eye of one of them. Her eyes were as innocent as that of a new born child. I could sense from her looks that she wants to ask me a question. Am I ready to answer her? How can I answer her with my mouth whiles our eyes have finished talking. What they discussed, I cannot tell!

I was suddenly followed by the headmaster of the school. He was dressed like a frustrated drunkard. His shirt was not ironed. I could see the tattered underwear he was wearing right from where I was standing because his shirt was weather-beaten and torn. I felt somewhat ashamed for him so I lowered my eyes.

Whiles I was looking down, I happened to chance on his ITALIAN shoes. that was the only thing new on him. I heard from a grapevine that it was given to him as a gift by one of the patriotic neighbours who are very sympathetic to his pathetic self.

I could read from the faces of the students, all asking me the same question, “Why have you come to this school?” I couldn’t have agreed with them more! What is a fine gentleman like me doing in such a GOD-forsaken land? Am I doing all these sacrifices because of them? That is so nice of me!

When the headmaster introduced me to them as their new teacher, enthusiasm began to dance in their faces. They now have a teacher right from the city. At least, they will be able to get answers to the multi-million questions that have been bothering them about life in the city.

When I closed from work that evening, I sat very quietly on my bed and I started to think about what has happened throughout the day. I gave a great sigh and said to myself soberly, “I’m doing this for God and Country”.


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